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Comprehensive Email Marketing and Transactional Email Solutions

with AD Studio - our Audience Development Platform

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Digital Communications Audit

Mag Mail provides email transaction logs for use in email circulation audits by BPA, ABC and other audit companies. The logs contain all information required, in the proper format, to be included on circulation statements. This feature combined with the reporting engine allow a detailed view into your email marketing efforts.

Digital Edition Circulation Audit

As Digital Edition popularity increases, publishers face the daunting and costly task of navigating the audit requirements around digital subscription. Mag Mail provides publishers a complete, cost effective program to manage Digital Edition Circulation and its audit requirements. This includes process setup and instruction, collection and storage of audit logs, and detailed analytics of email delivery. This allows publisher to simply and easily add digital edition circulation to audit statements.

Increase Content Relevance

With subscribers looking for highly relevant and timely information, AD Studio provides features that allow publishers to send content based on custom segmentation and a subscribers previous interaction with email content. This allows a better view or insight into relevant content at a one-to-one level.

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Understanding Deliverability

Our enhanced technology combined with the close relationships with all of the major ISPs helps optimize your message delivery. We also offer inbound support and services to tackle your deliverability issues, including list hygiene and abuse complaints. Features include validators, throttling, email authentication (domain keys, DKIM, sender ID) and dedicated IP addresses.

Measurement And Analytics

Marketing strategies have many moving parts. From email to web, you need insight into what's working and what's not. Using the Dashboard feature, marketers are able to look at key performance indicators in a campaign overview. For more detailed views, each report can be drilled down into using the reporting engine. In addition, AD studio integrates with web analytics such as Google Analytics and Omniture, so you can start acting on reliable data and reports within 24 hours.

API Integration

Mag Mail's data integration application allows you to keep data synchronized between AD Studio and your other applications. Mag Mail's open platform is based on industry standard protocols so you can easily integrate different software applications.
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